IVC Global Sdn Bhd is a MSC Pioneer status company, specializing in the Research & Development of Web hosting related automation systems.

IVC Global Sdn Bhd provides full solutions for web hosting and E-commerce companies worldwide.

Our automation modules includes:
- End-Customer front-end Management Interfaces
- Hosting Server & Cloud Management & Monitoring Systems
- Customer Database and Data Collection Systems
- Automated Billing & Accounting Systems
- E-commerce Fraud Screening & Warning Systems
- Payment Management & Monitoring Systems
- Marketing & Affiliate Tracking Management Systems
- Call Center & Support Desk System
Please contact us at info@ivcglobal.com to arrange for a system preview.

If you are an end-user looking to subscribe to our service platform,
please visit our partner sites below to subscribe to our services.
IVC Global does not retail directly to end-users.




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